The 18th yiwu fair expo lot more road ahead

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Yiwu Fair

Yiwu Fair

Learn from righteousness expo executive office yesterday, at present, the 18th Yiwu Fair expo lot work is underway in advance.For days, the righteous expo exhibition investment promotion department important industrial base in the form of a team to the domestic various on-the-ground lot, yiwu exhibition, market and the yiwu city.
According to yiwu fair expo commissioner general requirements for lot, exhibition department of China merchants a detailed plan to go out lot, fujian association of foreign languages and to promote team in guangdong, fujian, Shanghai, jiangsu, shandong and other places, as the key in the province to promote team in ningbo, wenzhou, jiaxing, huzhou, etc as the key.Through promotion, further optimize the 18th righteousness expo exhibitors area distribution and brand structure, exposition to invite more professional buyers to righteousness.
More than 10 team are led by the municipal leadership, members composed of relevant unit staff.They will visit the local department in charge of industry, organization, local enterprises exhibitors attending representatives discussion with industry associations and enterprises, and introduces in detail the 18th justice fair situation and the policy, the communication interaction, answering questions, collect Suggestions.
It is understood that in the current world economic environment under the influence of unfavorable factors, around the export situation is not optimistic, righteousness exposition outstanding economic results, influence and internationalization degree, caused around the interest of the enterprise.Head across government departments and industry associations have said, hoping to yiwu exhibition, market platform to expand business opportunities, then they will organize more and better business exposition to the 18th yiwu fair.

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