Yiwu Mayor QiuPing Sheng hosted the 65th executive meeting

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Yiwu Mayor QiuPing Sheng hosted the 65th executive meeting

Yiwu Mayor QiuPing Sheng hosted the 65th executive meeting on the municipal government, has been briefed on important economic projects, real estate property unified registration, "three cards - one" and other work review, approved in rule "Yiwu agent Municipal Householder's Government on the setup of the most stringent waters resources management system adequately promote the landscapes of water-saving culture "and other concerns.

The meeting read reports on the circumstance concerning Yiwu big economic projects. Typically the meeting stressed that will economic development inside the new normal, to accomplish large-scale Yiwu "going out" and a advanced of "bringing in" two large posts. To open up the braveness to do the "going out" articles, productive butt-end domestic along with international resources, create Yiwu Talent job incubation platform, the exact advanced concepts in addition to technology transfer to be able to Yiwu hotels near futian market, deepen change, promote the reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling and development to assemble more quality solutions. We must unswervingly execute a good job in Yiwu City, "bringing in" article cited the actual increasing move residences, Zhaocaiyinzhi efforts to boost the central state-owned enterprises, universities, analysis institutes and shared cooperation, the introduction of several sophisticated projects advertise industrial restructuring plus upgrading.

The getting together with heard a standard registration of real estate investment "three cards One" report on the development of work as well as. The meeting mentioned, uniform registration regarding real estate and the "three cards in one" work related to the particular vital interests of the testers, related to the rearrangement, reshuffling and development of Yiwu map, Yiwu two main reform tasks this coming year. Related departments is required to follow the "three rigid three solid", and additional unify their pondering, strengthen communication and also docking, resolving clashes reform, balance typically the interests of all celebrations in the reform, along with promote government services process reengineering, enabling people to work far more convenient Yiwu, business purchase more efficient.

The assembly studied the guidelines of the most stringent mineral water management system advice. Often the meeting pointed out, Yiwu water shortages, by means of sewage treatment, drinking water protection, water-saving get to promote the environmentally friendly use of water information. To iron fists pollution remediation enterprise, increasing rain in addition to sewage diversion attempts, a multi-pronged remedying of sewage; to effectively handle the relationship involving the region and the construction, production and home-based water, scientific co-ordinate security supply; to boost the water-saving contemporary society Yiwu propaganda that a good atmosphere with the whole society to save lots of water.

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