"Bills pool" product cooperation agreement

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China Construction Bank branch in Yiwu and listed companies --- Yiwu Huading Nylon Co., Ltd. signed a "bill Pool" product cooperation agreement, yiwu china as from the second single Boni Holding Group after the "bill pool" business.

Huading Nylon material textile market as the key of organization supply string, which are generally small and method enterprises downstream Yangtze Waterway Delta location, payment within bills resolved based. And lots of bills have got widespread "two small one particular short" qualities, namely payments from a small traditional bank to open a smaller sized face sum, shorter maturities, some corporations use the associated with the records is not large, known as closed in risk-free in the "liquidity. " To the end, your bank bills serves to connect together with and make a listing of the solid demand, along with actively advertise "bills pool" products to aid companies attain high-end aim of financial extensive management.

Beneath the agreement, your banker relies on expenses pool company system program, bills allocated storage, decentralized management sample pledge, promise, give your word bill repayment decentralized individual management design to provide enrollment information series,Yiwu Christmas Market management in addition to financing characteristics entrusted package deal of financial companies to Huading Nylon . Mainly to fix the fellow member companies in the group or perhaps its subsidiaries in the exchanging activities tenor mismatches inside receipts as well as payments, the volume of mismatch difficulties, to help businesses Group's built-in management and also use of interior resources invoice.

Faced with the ability of enterprise development costs, the bank to be able to accelerate you’re able to send business modification to basic safety, efficiency, performance as a kick off point, based on innovative network devices, extensive product or service features, a lot of the service route, diverse services model, creativity and launch of the monthly bill pool goods, provide details to register offline and online integration, assigned administration, promise financing as well as other family performs, and exposed the solution pool along with mutual insureing and clever financial intermediation through individualized custom expert services to meet consumers multi-mode, multi-level, multi-channel economic instrument supervision and reduced stress needs. Attempt to build a standard bank, corporate in addition to commodity source chain as well as mutually advantageous coexistence and also sustainable progress industrial ecology, effectively developing a win-win circumstance between financial institutions.

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