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During the interval when the statement publicity week, Yiwu Metropolis People's Procuratorate in the Futian street Heyetang set it has the point, the actual prosecutors reveal to the world in the past to help report about ways and means, yiwu china market whistleblower protection, 100 % legal remedies as well as other issues in addition to accept all their complaints as well as legal advice.

It can be understood this since not too long ago, Yiwu Area People's Procuratorate for scrutiny of criminal activity committed forty-one 43 persons, including crime and bribery cases 30 36, malfeasance cases a few to 6 people. Yiwu has addressed a previous deputy movie director of the Preparation Bureau Jinsheng Lin bribery case, ex - deputy overseer of Yiwu City Mother board of Knowledge Minsheng Chen bribery event, former representative of Yiwu Municipal Meteorological Bureau Zhanglin Mao bribery case, past radio and also television stop Yiwu longer Peizhong Wang, deputy rail station Long Zhengli Zhu bribery Woan, some people as well as a number of important cases. The 2010 season, the Team has been analyzing the former administrator of Cina Construction Traditional bank branch with Yiwu Wenhong Wang bribery case, Yiwu branch of Standard bank of Calls, former vice chairman of Wanfeng Chen bribery case, ex- union director Yun Li Chian Township government bribery case and also other cases. In addition, earnestly put into practice the violations committed resistant to the special steps areas of connaissance, strengthening the particular corruption along with check the cordon effects, treated a more gardening town heart, Yiwu Bags Market former home of open public services Qixing Yang three or more people maltreatment of electric power, bribery scenario and Connaissance

Former team Bureau connected with Plant Division Station Linfang He file corruption error case as being the representative of elegant agriculture progress fund to guide the undertaking field work-related crimes, open security areas to agriculture-related fraud conditions three several people. These kind of clues by crimes devoted part loads.

Yiwu Urban center Procuratorate standard said, lots of people can review by cellular phone (unified state hotline: 12309), a notification report (Address: 369 Xiangshan Road, Yiwu City, Yiwu City Peoples' Procuratorate claims and speaks Section; Go Code: 322000), to record in person, on the net Report (Yiwu News, Chouzhou forums along with sites created a "complaint report" link) and faxing, audio, videos, etc ., with corruption in addition to corrupt features to survey. City Procuratorate will keep implement typically the whistleblower defense system, often the confidentiality associated with, procedural best practice rules, personal security, legal therapies and other components of all-round safeguard for whistle-blowers.

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