Yiting part no access to sewage facilities, venues weeds

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June 29, with Yiwu Stand package Xitang ecological sewage treatment establishments due to not enough management lately, yiwu agent the whole environmental wastewater treatment method field overgrown with weeds, there are some sewerage is no immediate access to environmentally friendly wastewater therapy facilities.

June 30 afternoon, the press reporter went to Yiwu Yiting reduce cladding Western Village. Typically the village posseses an ecological sewage treatment services, there is a one half an desagradable fenced significantly. Out of the picture, a Zhejiang Province, "the demonstration 1000s of villages in addition to village renovation" rural waste treatment assignments out from the attention of stainless plates.

Often the village manure treatment vegetable without surfaces to protect, simply do a simple iron guardrail, wall which is packed with hay, results in, next to the particular ventilation involving PVC water line, almost hidden the crecen around inside of.

"Usually this particular runs out there, we generally have put in into the throw away row out from the village, which usually eventually runs to, do not know. very well A villager told reporters, sometimes, he or she vegetables, showering water will be spilled on a lawn.

It is recognized that the small town has become main to Yiwu new non-urban pilot commune. Yiting Cultivation Office employees, said: "At that time, typically the project purchase of 99 million yuan, the entire method area 860 m2, one hundred twenty tons of sewerage daily digesting started running well, but also the regular operation on the sewage remedy station. Yiwu Socks Market Some time back there simply by truck, often the piping waste treatment place was depressed, leading to the actual village ahead of the senior citizens' association "stealing. " One particular villager told me some villagers received rain sewage conduit, or straight to the Other dump.

Currently, beneath the package Xitang sewage cure facilities tend not to operate on full potential. Outlet throughout sewage treatment method, the correspondent saw a massive amount water is just not treated with an everyday 120 loads design significantly.

"The function of the construction connected with sewage therapy facilities with rural locations, is to increase rural existing environment as well as improve the quality lifestyle. After the completing facilities, not merely 'pipe construction' rather than 'the management and also protection'. micron Mr Chu said party member homeowner oversight, amenities After the work, the people are the largest beneficiaries, besides government in any way levels to control subsidies to construct sewage remedy facilities, in accordance with "Who polluter pays, who have benefits, who all pays" rule, the production of manure farmers have to pay a portion with the run supervision and defense fees, fashion and level of payment can be employed according to the lifestyle industry, the particular restaurant market, household as well as other main big difference between the fees, the creation of long lasting management device of conversation of the complete society, thus it can have any clean water in farm areas.

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