Yiwu mountain road many landslides, severe security risks

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"Due to the new frequent hefty rainfall, landslides Yiwu quite a few mountain highways. According to managing personnel hill-rich rural streets,yiwu china market mountain tracks there are many landslides, Yang apaisado, yellow major line correspondingly, on the high mountain road ridge wrinkles.

Reporter to help verify accounts: times bass road into the village involving Hillsborough 0K + 400M highway is way more serious the 2010 season, lots of landslides. Starting from July 20, at the first try after the route closed in order to traffic failure, a fall which derives passion for the entire pavage stone, analyzing 40-50 considerable number; July three or more, the road crease from transpiring again; August 7, instances above the beginning of a boulders road about 13 measures appeared significant cracks, September 8 bust continues to develop. The scores total greater than 450 block Rocky landslides, blocked roadways often. Precisely the same day all around 15: 00, Yiwu Urban center Chian Township government, targeted visitors police groupe, Rural Road Administration, often the Land Institution jointly organised geological enviromentally friendly monitoring gas stations dawn moments ACC street safety risk to safety, fund in addition to rescue course, rushed to break down the point connected with disposal.

Team at the arena found this three substantial stone explained down the road, and some of the pebbles of the creek guardrail damaged out of design, Yiwu Huangyuan Market directly could be into the sea, the road is definitely blocked, an essential security possibility. According to the team visually, and also a larger the top of the slope there is also a risk of carrying on with landslides jewel.

To ensure visitors safety, Yiwu City targeted traffic police system and other sections jointly supplied a detect, from this morning, the dawning of time to be able to implement journey closed for you to traffic, a short lived ban with motor vehicle site visitors, to be a security and safety risk to help exclude rescue of the highway.

Yesterday morning, the relevant sectors of the automobile accident to clean right up and restore the road, once the weather healed, etc ., will probably reduce the pile slope fail, as soon as possible to lose safety threats.

For the past 2 days landslides transpired on the body of water to Huangshan 30K and 400M path, yellow significant line (Huangshan Tai lawn) 8K plus 400M route and on form lines 10K + 200M sections Farm Highway Operations devote urgent wrecker, prompt organizational governance and boucan officers fit road wrecker rescue do the job. Currently, they've been put into excavating machine main classes, 12 classes forklifts, manual in excess of 200 persons, mostly batch road now has arrived to normal targeted visitors.

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