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It can be understood the fact that Yiwu Connaissance Exhibition Facility (Business Center Branch) is often a co-founder with the agricultural items company Yiwu Supply and also Marketing Set Haoye Yiwu Market Progress Group organic garden clean distribution corporations, sales connected with agricultural along with sideline goods, yiwu marketmainly from city's farm cooperative related more than 600 farmer cooperatives, as well as many agricultural industrialization leading establishments, cooperative harvesting. In addition , the actual combination of the particular "Green Restaurant" Fresh Meal Distribution internet site, Haoye purchase, mall along with micro-channel podium, through farm "Internet +" to achieve the integrating of information, to collectively promote Yiwu quality associated with agricultural merchandise. Meanwhile, the guts also shown the field regarding high-quality lawn products, to help expand typically the scope involving radiation make.

According Haoye Agro specific person the leader, sales connected with agricultural in addition to sideline solutions Exhibition Heart Yiwu neighborhood majority, for instance , "Andy" Brown-sugar, "young years" more than 500 varieties of honies, "Dan" Crimson Sorghum homemade wine. In addition , Yiwu Night Marketoften the exhibition facility also unveiled Wuyi Xuan Gong Titled ping Lin, Breadpan camellia oil, bergamot Jinhua, Zhejiang and other 30 kinds of modern agricultural place landmark.

Along with the exhibition heart to purchase gardening products, individuals can by electricity's web page, micro-channel shopping center, etc . get products, precisely the same day household delivery from the region, so consumers can certainly stay at home you can eat green, protected and wholesome food.

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