Yiwu trucks "grab" a pedestrian path

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micron nonresidential pieces where motorized vehicle lane highway for a long time beneath Sihai articulated vehicle parked a good number of longer prohibit the protected passage connected with nonmotorized motor vehicles, yiwu agent but also damaged the appearance of metropolis of Yiwu. "

Correspondent to always check reports: This morning morning, typically the reporter traveled to Hezhai everywhere lower part Sihai Opportunity. Overpass in the ring path, you can see a challenging slide vehicle parked inside the non-motor automobile lane, underneath Sihai Ave Hezhai phase of nonmotorized trail big rig denser, being a long tige, then a car or truck, find it difficult to matter.

How there are several trucks not moving there? Neighbouring selling lunch Chan instructed reporters the fact that recent lane under Choujiang what Zhaicun do a logistics information marketplace, that is filling the automobile market. Yiwu after deliveries to unknown vehicles returning empty, many people went to enroll at the logistics information industry, the car discontinued in the non-motor vehicle isle waiting for the master or set chartered products, in order to strengthen truck recharging rates, cheaper transportation prices.

It is grasped that the logistics information market place originally overpass near Longer back, these kind of trucks usually are parked right now there waiting for the dog owner for a long time, although because the kavalerist back to often the overpass at this time there belongs to Yiwu, Jinhua key road, and also the highway finished to targeted visitors for a long time, the actual traffic police force strengthening the particular monitoring, to ensure the first 50 percent was are designed with the available space before the village future Hezhai logistics information sector, the longer overpass at the truck rear full draw in in the past. What know, within Hezhai commune parking lot easily can not cater to so many significant truck building full of passenger trucks parked in a very residential portion under Sihai Avenue, Yiwu Jewelry Market the place that the non-motor car lane.

A new pilot claimed Anhui health club, gathered through Yiwu wonderful need stowage truck, everyday more than 500 large lorries, under Hezhai village building can not the actual parking desires, the city find it difficult to stop much longer trucks, all their desperation He previously stopped from the universal non-motor vehicle road road.

Sihai Avenue inside non-motor motor vehicle lane, extended truck in relation to 30 measures long, six to eight meters shorter than the above likewise. Reporter slightly rough imagine, these substantial trucks not in use in a non-vehicle lane at the least three a long way long. A number of trucks fewer hours loading valuables, the drivers in the car good residents, many also shampoo the apparel hanging in the vehicle. nonmotorized autos side environment friendly belt has developed into a "natural loo. " Many drivers in addition carry a super easy stove, brazenly stand in typically the automotive edge for preparing, a great security and safety risk.

Lorries "grab" a new pedestrian route, pedestrians have got to walk electric vehicles, pedestrians cause good security possibility, but also in some degree affected often the traffic proficiency of the auto.

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