Yiwu will fully promote the "smart bus" construction

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Men and women want easier bus journey, intelligent, yiwu china market live desire will be understood, similar to Hangzhou's "smart bus" mode rapidly to appear throughout Yiwu. Recently, reporters mastered from Yiwu City Division of Transport, the next couple of years, Yiwu can fully encourage the "smart bus" structure, so that the tour bus system to attain a governed and brilliant optimization on the entire manufacturing process, clear appearance in the whole assistance process, improve public transportation system research planning along with operational operations, enhance the a higher level service associated with bus traveling.

"It can be a bus, or possibly a taxi? inch A lot of people patiently waiting at coach stops should have such a tangle. Bus charges low, but if you act like you want to hold out too long, quite a bit less "play" and quite often just ended taxis, vehicles coming on slowly and gradually, will loathe that he possesses waited so very long, why not far more wait a short time. At this time, a lot of people would coveted by Hangzhou the system, every single bus prevents are equipped with electronic digital display, terme conseillé bus info, allowing individuals clearly recognize they need to wait for time to pick the best vehicle or maybe bus travels.

It is described that, "Wisdom Bus" method is the use of sophisticated science in addition to technology composition of a complex, complex, significant bus networking video keeping track of and management, which can be technically set up car lines, the training uses designed shift arranging according to the range, the site site visitors combined with the running scheduling booking scheduling method; by the development of shuttle bus scheduling supervising system, timely data buy vehicle surgical procedures, the vehicle auto positioning; could automatically program station details, to advise passengers in order to transfer as well as precautions; offered public transportation motor vehicle, bus halts and tour bus station online video data to obtain peace coach.

"Yiwu has more than 168 bus tracks, bus over 1, 600 vehicles, Yiwu Cosmetics Market a great number of buses, can simply rely on guide book deployment, cannot be known in the event that the vehicle travels on the way, evoking the vehicle use rate is simply not high, however the 'Wisdom Bus' system offers convenience to the management regarding public transfer vehicles, exactly like the human brain cns, each checking system obtains all information conclusion to the head, managers may make comprehensive judgements accordingly. "Yiwu City Section of Vehicles Management Category is responsible for Lu Yong Miao he explained.

Transit arranging and files application is usually "wisdom bus" is a high light. The traditional way planning advanced budgeting required a great deal of manpower, for instance questionnaires, records collection, nevertheless the "wisdom bus" would not and so complicated while all the scored data car operators are actually included in the technique contribute to the building of large information bus lanes Quantitative Path, rapid morceau projects this sort of analysis, in an attempt to achieve typically the scientific review of "bus priority" procedures of genuine results.

"Smart Bus" The most important beneficiaries or perhaps the general public. Conclusion of this season, Yiwu aim laid fifty Intelligent electric powered stop indication, next year are going to be laid 55 Intelligent electric stop signal. Meanwhile, often the "Pocket bus" will become the latest trend, the metropolis is currently currently being produced in Yiwu public mobile phone APP, it includes entered trial run operation. During that time, as long as the product a few keys to press, the public is able to accurately keep the friends they must take the shuttle bus arrival time period, distance in the site of knowledge, you can also verify their send scheme via origin to be able to destination, true "sit in the home waiting for the actual bus.

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