Yiwu Suxi sanitation workers to sanitation sanitation fee as "ATM"

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For more than 10 years, Yiwu Town in the business lead in the execution of financial management, yiwu agent the rendering of extra-budgetary funds "expenditure" in management, the actual establishment of the "collection associated with isolated, individual penalty transaction, bank selection, financial specific management, inch the nontax revenue setting, regardless of earnings or costs, have created a set of stringent procedures, administration and guidance is quite rigid. However , Sheng Zhu Suxi former Financial Director, previous deputy movie director of sterilization Rongfa Jing, Huan Jing staff, who else, as the guideline as absolutely nothing, the cleanliness sanitation charge when the "ATM", again embezzlement, totaled 94 million yuan, Sheng Zhu, who has therefore imprisoned.
You will find rules that not stick to, without a imprinted bill

Based on regulations, sterilizing fee billed should be utilized from the Fund Bureau obtained the "Zhejiang government nontax revenue quotas bill", the particular fees remitted into the accounts, and then the check summary statement. Suxi you could sanitation supervision fees are usually executed according to the rules. In early the year 2010, as the Soviet Union City since Zhu Sheng Financing Office Movie director, the organised running monitor changed. This individual and Betty Young-law, who also said, no more receive through the Finance Agency, "the Zhejiang provincial federal government nontax income quotas expenses. " Therefore, Rongfa Jing contact with typically the village done printing company in Yiwu Printing Corp., Ltd. Dimana Zhou, permitted generic "Zhejiang government nontax revenue quotas bills. inches 2010-2014, a complete of eleven, 400 seat tickets were published and utilized in scattered sterilization fee recharged process. Illegal printing regarding bills, from your supervision from the financial field, and front the operations of general public funds dangers.

There are occasions not dancing, random embezzlement

After women from the dangerous the monetary sector, Sheng Zhu as well as others scattered cleanliness fee incurred for actively playing the "evil idea", not really struggling by yourself a word, you are able to embezzlement, towards the arbitrary stage. One day keep away from 2010, Sheng Zhu requested to come up with one hundred, 000 yuan Rongfa Jing sanitation payment for its technique toll in the staff in the Section Huan Jing location. After Rongfa Jing informed Huan Jing, Huan Jing sanitation cost from the short-term memory checking accounts taken a hundred, 000 yuan, handed through Rongfa Jing Sheng Zhu. The next 2 yrs, Sheng Zhu et 's followed match, each misappropriated 20000-70000 yuan range, Hangzhou to Yiwu features a total involving 12 occasions misappropriated 590, 000 yuan, is Sheng Zhu with regard to gambling, amusement and actions. Through 2014 7, Sheng Zhu might only 590, 000 yuan to Rongfa Jing, remitted to the Yiwu municipal authorities financial trading accounts of nontax revenue. Simultaneously, Huan Jing no "idle", has 3 times total sterilizing fee misappropriated 35 mil yuan.

Dismiss the rules, the price of painful

Might 25, 2015, Yiwu Metropolis People's Courtroom on Sheng Zhu the top al judgement: Sheng Zhu guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to 7 years; Rongfa Jing doing embezzlement connected with public money, forgery associated with state internal organs seal often the crime, chose to implement imprisonment Six many years; Huan Jing guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to 8 years. Within May, this Liuhua fireplace, gardenia scent of summer time, if not proceed astray, Sheng Zhu, who have perhaps, such as everyone else, take pleasure in these gorgeous. Due to disregard the rules, works recklessly, they are able to only consume the sour fruit experienced planted. Suxi relevant frontrunners in place the primary responsibility for your discharge through the disciplinary activity.

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