promote the development of signific trade in Yiwu

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The 2010 season, to promote the development of signific trade in Yiwu, Yiwu CIQ whole advantage of the Internet associated with Things, cloud precessing and other modern automobile to actively encourage traceability system development, yiwu nightlife in improving typically the inspection and division clearance efficiency, showcase innovation and regulating approach to ensure purchaser safety, etc . and also achieved remarkable benefits.

Safety System comes with enterprise traceability point affixed to their solutions, products in the production, circulation, consumption and other areas related to information meeting, regulatory authorities relying upon retrospective monitoring software,Yiwu Sourcing Agent the establishment regarding product defects along with product information responses mechanism investigation procedure, the source can be inspected, whereabouts can be tracked, to investigate the responsibility to give reliable path to get consumers to identify human eye products. To this stop, Yiwu CIQ considered a number of measures to be sure the effective operation on the traceability system.

Initially, the introduction of related programs, the development of import in addition to export commodities have already been retrospective supervision as well as management measures, meal, cosmetics and categorised administration approach to traceability label management job instructions, etc ., for a basis for the do the job of the management retroactively. The second is to build a new platform for traceability, traceability management podium includes import and also export commodities deal record information entrance,Yiwu market batch information obtain, issuing electronic tickets, electronic tags Gasch, pre-declaration / check up information input, evaluate the information, instruction along with publishing information doubt and feedback along with functional modules, to give the whole process of often the operation of information technological know-how. Third, multilateral synergy linkage, Zhejiang School of Science in addition to Technology Innovation Company invited for process upgrades, routine routine maintenance and data hard drive to provide technical expert services, the Ministry involving Commerce goalkeeper traceability system into the neighborhood promotion of one with the top ten import business measures, the Shopping center Group International Business City imported memorial first implementation connected with traceability management.

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