Yiwu forest temple Beaulieu garden

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Inside city of quality ( safety ) entire supervision monitoring gas stations inspection team to help verify the relevant facts, to the scene and incapacitated and extracted a couple buildings ensuite, roof top, tube wells, basement, water pump bedroom, etc . Yiwu market nuanced test. Consistent with the presence connected with experts in making comparisons for the temple Shuang Lin · Beaulieu Garden project compliant design and commitment requirements.


· Increase forest temple Beaulieu garden after Choujiang · Xiangxi perception second to complete one more acceptance of new area projects. Yiwu City The undertaking is in support of the sectors of the urban center in more than 12 departments under the robust cooperation by Greentown behalf of the development, Zhejiang thick make, Jackie Chan Set and other construction sections to work together, over the construction of more than a couple of years, and finally the perfect ending official.


City level of quality ( safety ) inspection personnel supervising station to always check the situation participation in addition to acceptance of the key parties to put in put procedures for whole supervision,Yiwu Hotels to follow the inspection techniques and related laws.

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