Yiwu market food protection

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Yiwu market food protection

In the macro level, Yiwu Market Development Support Center Co., Limited. Headquarters responsible for meals safety supervision as well as management department associated with safety, guidance, evaluation work in state-owned urban and countryside markets generally set up food safety management,Yiwu market market access program for commodity marketplace the intensity regarding food into the product sales ledger system, second-rate goods market delisting system, the market purchase management system, food security "front" fully opened up, heavy attack over and over, for the public "safety tongue" erected the Road "safety internet. "

On the one hand, Yiwu Market Development Services Center Co., Limited. focus on food basic safety awareness training and also business households integrity education, through the "scoring" system, strengthen guidance and management of numerous farmers market sellers act, once company operators violate foods safety management system is going to be photographed market administration department, points more than prescribed qualifying rating, then it take those appropriate punishment; however, in order to ensure that almost all agricultural sources, the actual flow can be followed back, Yiwu industry development service Middle Co., Ltd. every is equipped with a growers market electronic screen equipment,Yiwu Map food screening information disclosure along with management of consumer information, and foodstuff traceability system smooth integration, so that customers always oversees meal safety, so that the local community opened a huge unseen supervision network.

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