Yiwu market's health industry

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Antepasados Thomas speech within the meeting. He claimed, Yiwu, the health business as an important ideal industry came surrounding the industrial location, to investment selection, offer a platform for insurance plan, planning the guidelines of the project, and then try to build one hundred tera- health industry. Jones hope all enterprisers to Yiwu Baotuan development, planning along, plan together, approach together, Yiwu market to break from production, research along with development, design in addition to display, exhibition along with health industry, an entire industry chain, will probably focus on Zhejiang Yiwu build a healthy manufacturing development model urban center. Yiwu municipal administration will be a good "waiter" for enterprise progress to provide a good setting.


Jiaoxu Xiang, mouthpiece
director of the territorial Development and Change Commission said within the speech, the health market is a sunrise sector, flight to yiwu investment in wellbeing is investing in the forthcoming, investing in health is undoubtedly an investment in our enjoyment. Yiwu is a very sensational land, Health Sector Association of Zhejiang Province "into the" Yiwu, Yiwu through this poised to get better development with Yiwu health marketplace, everyone is cooperation, transmission, win-win situation for a platform.


At the assembly, Yiwu Municipal Institution Park Project, slowly but surely raise Suxi area projects, purchase Yiwu Wei Planning inventory platform and other major projects carried out reveal recommendation. Health Marketplace Association member sections, Zhejiang Province regarding companies in Taiwan College of Dvd Technology Co., Limited., East China Prescription drug Co., Ltd., yiwu restaurant Wanma Technology Co., Limited. Zhejiang Dean rapport techniques were similar presentations. Attendees into the needs of equally in-depth negotiations.

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