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Yiwu purchase "Closing Program" in overseas marketplaces to cooperate upon April 10 formally launched, as of earlier July, Yiwu buy signed a co-operation agreement with the buying agent in Sydney, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Spain, Hungary and other 16 nations and regions, by which Australia, Japan,Yiwu Airport Hungary and other three "purchase Yiwu" overseas sub-stations have been gradually at stake, currently in demo operation. It is found that Yiwu purchased abroad online platform investing volume totaled eight. 26 million yuan.

Meanwhile, the obtain Yiwu "cooperation program" Progress on the part of the actual well, there are eighteen domestic and expert market in Yiwu purchase contract, it had been lighted Xinyang Team, southwestern Sichuan Luzhou Trade City, Shanghai in china Jinshan International Industry City, Yunnan Baoshan Mao China Yiwu international trade Town, Hebei Qingxian Hongdi Yiwu Small Product City. yiwu china market The "Luzhou buy" Xinyang "ten thousand righteous purchase" has been on-line, "Dongguan, Yiwu purchase, inch "purchase Yiwu Baoshan", "Shanghai Jinshan buy", "Anhui Bengbu buy" units have been finished around the building website; Jincheng, Panjin Ningxia and other places were held in Yiwu product display matchmaking company, and the construction associated with Yiwu Small item Exhibition Center within Yuncheng, Shijiazhuang, Dongguan, Shanghai Jinshan, Wuzhong. In addition , Shijiazhuang as well as Xiaoyi business offers come to visit Yiwu and reached the turnover of four. 2 million yuan.

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