Obligation to accelerate the Port Expressway Construction

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Slot expressway is section of the provincial plan to Jinyun Lin highway, may be the provincial key tasks, according to a freeway standard design, roadbed 55 meters broad, two-way 6 lanes, total length of eight. 816 kilometers, the actual project estimates a complete investment of 1. nine billion yuan The development period of 36 months. yiwu market products The actual project is located in the starting point of the suggested exchange Hangjinqu Eastern River, on the southern across West Train station Road, Highway ciento tres, universal Avenue within the East Village and also the west bypass no matter pond reservoir to the west Tamura, a thicker cross the way of righteousness, Wuzhou Avenue Shigeaki road and finish at the temple interworking speed Yong Betty planning to make Lin Jinyun highway inside the city can be efficiently communicated two freeways.

It is worth mentioning that, Interface expressway start as well as end points possess Hangjinqu East swap, temple interoperability pace Yong Kim preparing, also in the middle of the street with a planned Hengtong interoperability, yiwu city china universal interoperability, interworking 5 Ls interchange, then, the folks along the "house" can facilitate high-speed floor.

The project began, to promote international dried out port city building, building smooth "Yiwu Hong Kong" offers important significance. In order to speed up the speed of building the Dock Expressway, the whole town together to promote the kind of departments on everything, and also green channels, positively strive upwards;Yiwu market Cities along the proactive plans to deal with overtime, across the majority of the villagers and the village panel serving the overall scenario, Full support. Via joint efforts to help make the proposed project through the idea to start the development in just 14 a few months, I set the particular fastest speed metropolis traffic engineering design.

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