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CALIFORNIA "to conduct small business in the future, do not displays bursting with Vehicle Administration lounge, 'Pocket Vehicle Administration' can do it! " To increase efficiency, the Consistorial Public Security Institution Traffic Police Groupe recently launched the particular "Pocket Vehicle Operations. " In the future, yiwu cafe car or truck owners who want to carryout business, as long as the faucet "Pocket Vehicle Administration" APP client, you could apply for online examination, registration, query and also other Vehicle business.

It can be reported that, "Pocket Vehicle Administration" The leading points of business permission, vehicle business, illegitimate processing, information idea and learning typically the five functional pads, covering motor vehicles, license business, yiwu city china the vehicle, often the driver contacts adjust, replacement number area driver's license, vehicle check up and off-site mouthpiece driver information questions, a subject (driving theory), two subjects (safe and civilized travelling knowledge), and other distinct Pick more than 12 services.

"Pocket Auto Administration" guide even offers the function to try and do, work for the loads, "why, how to complete, where to do" along with issues, Yiwu market to provide thorough operational guidelines. Once the user clicks to, each link inside window for a few statistics at a glance.

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