Obligation tourism development

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Inside Wuhu, Wuhu Sheng Qiuping his environs visited the écharpe park. As the simply city park inside the cultural and normal landscape sculpture blend theme park, Wuhu Statue Park cleverly "three-dimensional art" into scenery, to create a distinctive city public space regarding art and lifestyle. Sheng Qiuping mentioned, yiwu market map to seriously study the particular advanced experience in addition to practices in Wuhu, Yiwu dig strong historical and ethnic background and good intercontinental sculpture exhibition, increase the pace connected with construction of the plaque park, make cha?ne and landscapes, societal essence Yiwu symbiotic communion, effectively improve the urban civilization Stage. The delegation furthermore visited the Chery Automobile Co., Limited., Wuhu Chengdong Jiuzi town, Chery understand core technology analysis and development, foreign marketing and town growth and construction, anatomist design and so on.

Angie, the delegation went to the Hello Kitten theme parks, as well as the Zhejiang Museum associated with Natural History Videos & Television Angelina Industrial Park for more information on project planning, purchase, Yiwu market construction and supervision. Sheng Qiuping observed the excellent experiences as well as practices Angie manufactured in the development and design of major assignments, tourism, environment and also human resources to create a design of mining and other areas of the city has an crucial inspiration and guide. Currently, tourism is in an important opportunity regarding rapid development, the location should effectively increase the sense of accountability and urgency, take the lead to seek project strongly recruit project, directed at cultural, ecological, pastime and other development, create the introduction of a number of top quality tourism projects, to aid push the more development of the city's tourism promotion; for you to deepen the beautiful country and play it is ecological advantages, touch the cultural symbolism, to create a group to produce "feature of the town" to promote tourism to help high-end, specialty progress.

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