Regarding Yiwu market meeting

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Regarding Yiwu market meeting

Building of chemical garbage storage base requirements for security, manufacturing needs, but also have to "low small , scattered" remediation industry. The actual meeting noted that this construction of chemical substance raw materials storage foundation for a scientific as well as rational, moderate range through centralized storage space, to promote the integration of business chain relative, the actual relative concentration associated with production and advertising. To increase the realignment of industrial structure, based on management, "low small , and scattered, " the, do "subtraction. inch To establish a sound management and methods, in accordance with classification of recycleables for chemical manage, to ensure the production, storage area, distribution, transportation,Yiwu market utilize and other safe. In order to implement ecological payment mechanism storage bottom, ensure that the "benefits, who compensation. inches

"Yiwu social business trustworthy incentives and also promises disciplinary administration approach" is one of the primary system of the city's social credit program construction. This approach recognized 14 categories within the joint incentive of excellent credit information along with credit information on twenty six categories of bad entire body descending into A, W, C, D, Electronic five categories as outlined by credit scores, take the primary incentives for Course A, for D, D, E course body take different degrees of disciplinary steps respectively. "Blacklist" Publicity and administrative issues in the use of credit score records and credit rating products are important assisting institutional credit method construction. The conference stressed that Yiwu is the first nationwide social credit technique construction of preliminary cities to initial, both thoroughly be aware of spirit of the exceptional, but also combines useful Yiwu,yiwu railway station leveraging change continued to expand. To adhere to administration as per law, focusing on information collection, application in addition to sharing. To focus on the market and industry top exploration. At the same time, to handle market-oriented credit assessment and application, to make sure that the application of the floor.

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