Yiwu businesses to upgrade

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Yiwu businesses to upgrade

Nearby conditions to the execution of the city's interpersonal insurance (except function injury insurance to attain full coverage outside) location step by step implementation. "We first through plan advocacy, and manual enterprises to the town and province home registration skilled employees, management staff like a priority focus of the actual insured, the more skilled people to stay in company, stay in Yiwu, the move that considerably reduce the pressure upon enterprises to promote the particular transformation and updating of enterprises advancement. Next, we are sheet and garment business, foreign trade,Yiwu market submission, e-commerce and other industrial sectors and enterprises to pay for social security costs were investigated as well as model analysis to look for the proportion of sectors and enterprises revealing an average gross income of less than the average level of typically the enterprise, and slowly move closer to a average, effectively growing the fair and also equitable social protection charges paid through businesses. Meanwhile, to improve the policy assistance, the social safety charges paid simply by enterprises included in the extensive evaluation of produce and market industrial spaces Merchants spend taxes fees data. "Municipal Finance along with Taxation staff.

At the end of last year, often the city's social safety measures five insurance account accumulated surplus associated with 15. 2 billion dollars yuan, the basic pension plan insurance fund might pay capacity regarding 59 months. To increase reduce costs, the city and the province 1 step ahead, to satisfy the city's commercial structure adjustment path,Yiwu Jewelry Market according to insurance companies pay out temporary fall 8 weeks of basic health care insurance contribution rate models; reduced unemployment insurance coverage, maternity insurance rates, rates by business units injuries after resort low cost for each purchase to find out floating rate, business rate of sociable security contributions within the province at a fairly low level. According to estimations, this year is anticipated for enterprises to lessen social security expenses 100 million yuan or more.

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