Yiwu city changement

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 Yiwu city changement

BUENOS AIRES June 27, the actual newspaper "supervision station" column on the back again door of the resort along the Silver Ocean II lane as well as take the private kitchen area,Yiwu market mixed rain and also sewage, food waste materials sewage directly into water grate issues this kind of exposure. Report released in the paper which day, Fukuda Road office immediate activity, organizers of the backside door of the motel along the Silver Marine II conducted wellness campaigns.

June twenty nine morning, the media reporter once again came near to 1187 workers 2 Yinhai Road, view the canopy of this region have been closed away, the staff members focusing on the streets Fukuda hotel every home debris carried again door cleanup. It really is reported that recently, the staff every day in order to site remediation,yiwu fair requested the store owner to consider private kitchen eliminated, and has more than thirty damaged sewage manhole cover replaced brand new, so rainwater moves into the sewage nicely.

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