Yiwu financial better

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Yiwu financial better

It really is reported that the credit score verification platform for your parties or through the events authorized body to supply credit status questions platform imputation associated with 51 government departments, 1071 class credit information 90 financial institutions, addressing 420 000 Business 2, 100 mil messages 2 . '08 million natural individuals data, such as exceptional volunteers, and other widely recognized trademarks in Tiongkok information, nonpayment regarding utility bills, illegal car parking, delinquent loans along with other undesirable information tend to be included. And to set up rules on the basis of rankings, credit information in line with the category, number, bodyweight ,Yiwu market enterprise credit score through 0-100 points, rating high to lower is divided into The, B, C, M, E five credit score, subject to credit great give "green channel" in the offices from the main body of credit rating everywhere bright "red light. "

Yiwu credit credit system is a one-stop incorporated service platform, offers enterprise credit info inquiries, administrative certification and administrative penalties publicity, "blacklist" publicity, early warning as well as trade electricity provider credit file query. Credit score Yiwu micro-channel general public number released the most recent credit policy files and news, based on the recommendations in this community event,Yiwu Jewelry Market the next step is to integrate the public amount of enterprises, individuals, as well as other electricity providers credit rating inquiry function, so the public can what is credit status anytime.

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