Yiwu journey safer

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 Yiwu journey safer

To present better service to travellers, an increase of Yiwu railway station table and security personnel. "In fact, through the end of 06, the number of passengers increases significantly, especially in Yiwu, more migrant employees, formed a large summer time visiting relatives. inch Yiwu station employees said, "We will certainly therefore increase office staff 4 individuals, and every day, fifteen volunteers passenger support.Yiwu market "reporters in front of the protection apparatus, within the ticketed hall, waiting space, the service desks can be seen wearing the red vest volunteers who guide site visitors find ticket slot, passengers with kids to help carry suitcases, the railway train station has become a beautiful scenery.

At the same time, Yiwu traveler stations in order to make sure safe travel, growing the security forces, within the original 71 based on an additional 41 people who are employed in the security sector. "With the G20 summit approaching, Hangzhou, Yiwu station may further strengthen safety work before the finish of July improved three security equipment. From August one, passing through or being released on the in Hangzhou, Hangzhou,Yiwu Wholesale Market passengers will be supplementary screening. " Operating staff to help remind the traveling general public, preferably 1 hour to achieve the station ahead of time, so as not to impact travel.

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