Yiwu market change and upgrading

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Yiwu market change and upgrading

Research group first found town for new power vehicles · Part car. New vitality vehicles in Jinhua City, a small city located in the south west end of the suburbia, Jinhua Economic as well as Technological Development Area, the new energy auto industry park as the primary, with a total property area of 3. six square kilometers. Presently, the town is a good energy of development, modele has now, investment within fixed assets totaled more than 4. seven billion yuan. Catch the opportunity for progress new energy automobiles in the town building, Jinhua Economic and also Technological Development Sector, go all out to produce a contract year, whenever started, when creation of "Hua Keqi track.Yiwu market " Within the full swing from the China Branch car production workshop, the research group members tend to be advanced production technologies, standardized production procedures of the shock, we now have said, to learn through the project planning, design and other advanced ideas, experiences and methods, promote industrial reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling and upgrading our economy.

Subsequently, the study team came to the town associated with Le · To the north (Jinhua) Science along with Technology Park. Lele town through commercial restructuring, integration in addition to development of space sources form guide to
the web entertainment industry as well as business students since the main industry, the introduction of public a space, make use of the Yiwu Weather"Internet entertainment, university students venture happiness" for your development of the service provider, to create a new advancement engine. In the Northern (Jinhua) Technology Recreation area site, a college college student public a space to draw the attention of the people of the delegation, we feel that the use of the aged plant transformation regarding Peking University (Jinhua) Science Park Endeavor atmosphere, not only to develop a large number of college students begin their own businesses, but additionally further promote professional agglomeration, industrial development and industrial updating.

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