Yiwu market sales associated with polypropylene drinking straws

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It really is understood that "polypropylene drinking straws norms" ISO International Regular is the first person in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province,Yiwu market the first worldwide standard ISO twenty-eight, and the "two-child" is among the most only company within Zhejiang enterprises to consider a single industry requirements, national standards as well as ISO international regular SMEs.

After This summer 2008, "two-child" finished "polypropylene drinking straws" industry standards, nationwide standards for the creating of the preparation duties, to ISO consistent management organizations for your drafting of the progress international standards job. "When we submitted, Zhejiang, ISO global standard is only six,Yiwu Weather and rarely associated with product standards. inch Double-boy company, "helmsman" House Zhongping stated.

Through 9 many years of hard work, after 6 countries, the intercontinental standard by the "two-child" eventually led the introduction of international recognition. Based on reports, the standard in terms of look, size, pipe walls thickness are China's companies,yiwu restaurant "tailored" to assist Chinese enterprises in order to overcome trade obstacles in developed nations more quickly in the hay in the field.

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