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Huang Min and his celebration first came to Yiwu logistics center To the west Railway freight backyard, listen to Western train yard planning as well as construction briefing, checked out the scene associated with Yiwu railway crossings. Subsequently, in Yiwu railway crossings kept a forum to listen to of Yiwu town leaders on financial and social advancement, promote the organization of an integrated train hub,Yiwu market relevant function reports Yiwu Yongjin railway access system, Yiwu Station Growth housing reform applications.

Huang Min in the forum pointed out that Yiwu has the world's biggest commodity market, quick economic and interpersonal development, by the bigger number of passengers travelling by rail each day, planning to use the technological vision of improvement, the rational type of Yiwu Integrated Train Project to accelerate the foundation facilities place safety first, extensive facilities strategy, and also steadily push ahead, step by step through sexual intercourse from Yiwu train station to the incorporated railway hub changeover. Yiwu is "along the way" essential fulcrum city, is actually vigorously promoting worldwide dry port metropolis construction; Yiwu-rail intermodal trains rapid progress Yiwu railway crossings a completed; Main Europe Trains (Yiwu - Madrid) in to the normalization operation, courses column with a Yiwu Map "Made in China" in order to Europe, but also introduced high-quality European products, sold in the household market through the system of Yiwu. Nationwide Railway Corporation will certainly strive to promote the actual Yiwu construction of the integrated railway centre project, strengthening the particular railway infrastructure, improving global Yiwu set up closer trade connections.

At the forum, the kind of person in charge of Provinciano Development and Change Commission, the Ministry of iron complete system, railways Recognition Center, the Shanghai in china Railway Bureau may strengthen Yiwu train infrastructure construction,Yiwu Airport market the establishment of your integrated railway center and other suggestions along with opinions.

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