Yiwu rapid prosperity

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It can be reported that China (Yiwu) Cultural Products Trade Good is the predecessor of Cina (Yiwu) Cultural Products Business Fair. Fair for file run in 2006, in '08 was named "China's nearly all influential cultural industry manufacturer exhibition, " 2010 is definitely elevated to the Ministry connected with Culture and the Government associated with Zhejiang Province, the only co-sponsored cultural and sports marketplace trade oriented national display will. After years of progress, Yiwu Fair successfully assembled cultural products trade, Yiwu market societal industries show, one model exhibition and cultural facts exchange, an important platform to get cultural cooperation projects, as well as was included in the Ministry regarding Culture focused on supporting the particular "five-second" period.

9th text message rendezvous organized by the end involving April this year, a total connected with 2799 international standard convention, exhibition area of 55, 000 square meters, have come via four countries and territories and 17 provinces and also 888 exhibiting companies by 109 countries and Spot 94 000 people inside audience to participate in typically the exhibition, exhibition realized yield of 4. 91 thousand yuan, of which foreign business turnover of 3. 012 tera- yuan. 9th Conference with Trade Fair successfully organised the paper gave whole affirmation. The meeting noticed that since the 9th, Yiwu Sensible officially changed its name to China (Yiwu) Cultural Products Trade Considerable, yiwu market map in the cultural development along with prosperity of the industry track record, has taken the first step in the improve and upgrading, trade exhibit and effectiveness more popular, and achieved good fiscal and social benefits.

Often the meeting noted that the 10 article Fair will be kept in April next year 27-30 Could, now held preparatory group meetings is to ask us beginning planning, early arrangements, first deployment, for the text with the intersection of 10th introductory work better. The 10th document should not only inherit often the intersection of 9th selling point of the intersection of the wording, but also to be creative, are brave enough to break through, do a few to improve and enhance the several coverage, Yiwu Airport strengthen two transmission. Exhibitors range from who will have got to raise the proportion Foreign participants foreign exhibitors, industry management, is an important sign of improving upon three packets intersection betterment; enhance national cultural in addition to creative industrial park, playing countries and regions to help participate in the mainstream music three coverage, enhance the written text rendezvous international, professional, sector level; strengthening of state cultural rendezvous paper developing equipment, two levels of sexual penetration of new industries, opening up brand-new areas to promote the area of text, open up completely new markets.

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