The establishment of the China Charity Federation Gleevec dispensing point in Yiwu

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Tiongkok Charity Federation Glivec individual assistance applications dispensing stage officially satisfied in Yiwu, from Yiwu Gleevec sufferers do not need support and then in order to Hangzhou training collar medicine.yiwu china market Presently, there are 6 patients obtained the medicines.

June eleven, the media reporter saw 45-year-old Yun Gu (a pseudonym), she is a top drug within Yiwu Town, the first people of the affected person. In 2009, Yun Gu had been diagnosed with persistent myelogenous leukemia. After the girl application towards the China Charitable organisation Federation, turn out to be Glivec sufferer assistance plans of receivers. Over the years, Yun Gu visited Hangzhou prescription medications.

Yun Gu said that every time to pick up p, she beginning at six am within the car, sign up, prescription in some way going to one out of the mid-day. Hangzhou you will find thousands of individuals receive medications, long lists are common. Sometimes not really receive which day, but additionally in Hangzhou, one evening, the next day to get. "Every business lead drug, I wish to spend one hundred fifty yuan enrollment fee, along with round-trip cost, meals, price is not little. " Yiwu has because dispensing level, Yun Gu very happy: "I no longer possess time-consuming as well as labor-intensive to be able to Hangzhou went. "

It really is understood that will Glivec person assistance courses is the The far east Charity Federation donated medication project set up in Sept 2003 has been officially released, the object associated with its help the difficulties regarding life inside patients along with leukemia long-term myeloid, severe lymphoblastic leukemia and cancerous stomach amongst patients together with intestinal fibromatosis quality tasks to aid the actual families of people met the particular criteria for you to grant help administered drug treatments. Currently you can find three kinds: 1 -- patients: extensive prescriptions. second . The two 6th + some: Aid involving six months, the individual returned to acquire after every spot almost all drug product packaging, and the final patient medications, drug recuperating receive info cards. three. Assisting a few + nine: aid connected with nine a few months,Yiwu Toys Market with the 2 leading medication claim a few + six are the same.

Charitable organization staff Yiwu, at present, Yiwu Glivec individual assistance as much as 50 individuals, Jinhua, Quzhou and other encircling cities and also counties also provide patients to obtain the drug. Yiwu dispensing place is located in Yiwu City Charitable trust (Xiangshan Street, No . 235, third floor). According to the specific arrangement, Yiwu prescriptions hrs: every Thurs morning eight: 30-11: thirty; 2: 00-5: 30 (winter time is actually 1: 00: 30-5: 00). First aid affected individuals receive prescription drugs need to be ready materials: typically the patient's personal identity; ten days Qualified project-specific doctor prescribed; inch picture a patient themself; bottle storeroom.

Need to be told that Gleevec patient help program software, approval along with issued 3 separate medicines. Individual programs received through the China A good cause Federation oneness, Yiwu Charitable organisation dispensing position does not acknowledge individual software. Patient distribution to the China and taiwan Charity Federation, the Cina Charity Federation to review the fabric, surveys in addition to feedback, choose whether you are able to enjoy aid. Once the program is competent by the Tiongkok Charity Federation will notify the patient very first time this specific scenario, while dishing out point information of sufferers receiving program

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