Reform initiatives to promote the transition obligation

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With the meeting, Sheng Qiuping thanked a long time with regard to Yiwu an important side of the bargain to the reform along with development of the multitude of Chinese in addition to overseas Chinese compatriots in Hong Kong as well as Macao. He explained Yiwu is the abroad Chinese to return property and treasure.Yiwu Export Agent A lot of overseas Chinese and also compatriots in Hk and relying on Yiwu market, by doing trade and place of enterprises along with dedication of love, internet dating and other means to assist the development of Yiwu, Yiwu Small Commodity properly to the world, the worldwide Yiwu rattle degré, effectively expanding the actual Yiwu international affect, enhance exchanges, cohesiveness and friendship involving Yiwu and around the entire world. Founded Overseas Change Association, Yiwu in addition to Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, overseas China's to establish a interaction linkages, new connections of cooperation as well as win-win, marking the particular city's foreign exchange possesses entered a new level.

Sheng Qiuping explained, as a series of change initiatives to promote alteration, Yiwu usher in the new round associated with gold on the rise,Yiwu market which has a broad space regarding development. Hope that almost all overseas Chinese and also compatriots in Hk and Yiwu get opportunities for growth, make full use of the foundation's platform, through the progress cross-border e-commerce, carry on and promote the construction regarding warehousing and other international markets and asset Yiwu "going out", while promoting fantastic foreign trade companies, technology and sector, "bringing in" along with deepen Yiwu worldwide exchanges in the career fields of culture, training, tourism, management, workers, technology, creativity in addition to design together to advance play to the geographic, genetic, karmic connect action and educado exchanges advantages to draw more overseas China's and compatriots throughout Hong Kong and Macao attention Yiwu, Yiwu support investment with Yiwu, in particular typically the active participation on the three new structure. At the same time, we will likewise listen to opinions put into in depth, the introduction of worthwhile policies to safeguard often the rights and hobbies, and actively present quality services for anyone to live and job in Yiwu.

Foreign Chinese It is realized that membership within Yiwu and Yiwu market have intensive contacts,Yiwu Hotels Hong Kong as well as Macao more than 30th million people.

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