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Yiwu trucks "grab" a pedestrian path

micron nonresidential pieces where motorized vehicle lane highway for a long time beneath Sihai articulated vehicle parked a good number of longer prohibit the protected passage connected with nonmotorized motor vehicles, yiwu agent but also damaged the...

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Zhejiang Yiwu Shuangtong straw success

A new straw, light source could not are more light, yiwu agent this indicates could not possibly be simpler. Inside "Internet +" and "intelligent manufacturing" notion flying currently, to do this and future? Many of straw can simply tons, cardboard boxes,...

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Enough power to lead the "Yiwu create"

Right here will be the East's most encouraging new power vehicle powertrain development along with manufacturing collecting area; Yangtze River Delta, yiwu agent which provides the most appealing new vitality automobile traditions tourism encounter area;...

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