Yiwu villagers to plant "hybrid watermelon"

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Very hot heat, both equally rural as well as urban key markets, the entrance spot, or non-urban roadsides, yiwu china amazing sweet and also delicious melon particularly famous. You know, most of these big melon seedlings grafted from the ankylosé it?

"Bastard" on the paralysé seedlings

Reporters in Yiwu Chian Houjingzhai Henghu Zhu Village house of the small town saw melons, green grape vine on the ground then one chubby unicorn lying memo vine place, very pleasant. Just stick laminated jointly watermelon along with watermelon grape vine leaves, you will see each of the origins of the grape vine have a challenging of "joints. " Henghu Zhu explained the "joint" is the gauche seedlings then marry some sort of watermelon baby plants traces.

Henghu Zhu placed watermelons intended for 20 years, and from now on the family possesses 5 chattels real of territory planted using such "hybrid watermelon. very well Gourd new plants and melon seedlings are generally "close", empoté seedlings designed root technique, have wonderful vitality and are also not vulnerable to "blight" and so gourd baby plants and melon seedlings' basic grafting "is a good choice. Henghu Zhu explained it was several years ago, they learn from foreign experience by way of learning, joined with the much better grasp associated with technology. "Let the ankylosé melon in addition to watermelon new plants 'marriage', nevertheless a engineering live, micron he explained to reporters from the gourd baby plants grow in order to about a full week, leaving merely two root base and foliage, remove the many rest, and cultivate per week go involving watermelon plant root, grafted onto paralysé seedlings a pair of leaves.

Precise operation is difficult. Henghu Zhu claimed, the first sign is usually inserted having bamboo gauche seedling originates, to select holes inside, and then placed a bevel cut melon seedlings, bamboo bedding and sheets sign in order to out, after which put in melon seedlings, grafting is done. After grafting into the hothouse, can be seen weekly after grafting results. Soon after survived, melon seedlings empoté seedlings to be able to "borrow root" growth, the actual fruit of these big melon.

Grafted melon seedlings generate and disorder resistance

Henghu Zhu not simply watermelons, he / she also offered watermelon new plants, he discerning watermelon baby plants in the industry is a huge minor movie star.

Knowledgeable men and women know that melon seedlings as soon as had, "blight", not only on its own difficult to make it, but also "hurt" the whole item of watermelon along with "suffer" in case the piece of land in the row watermelons, output will observe the year enhance year by simply year, the 2nd year on the death regarding 30%, another year with the death involving 60%, which results in never generated.

Watermelon new plants will not "commit foxglove" soon after grafting, a similar piece of land might be planted for quite a while without impacting on the melon harvest. Yiwu Cosmetics Market For that reason Zhu Henghu cultivated melon seedlings annually a lot of people arrive at order. "The key is released to the entereza, Yiting, about the river, Niansanli other places, beyond the surrounding regions, but also a professional buy Anhui, melon often in short supply. inch Henghu Zhu said that this current year his family members sold an overall of thirty-three million traces watermelon Miao, revenue over 30 , 000, 000.

The superior sales very watermelon

Proximal day, beginning in the morning, Henghu Zhu is going to the terrain to pick watermelons, Wherever this individual went, although stand in the biggest market of green grape vine carefully and discover, while side knocked the particular melon, when longer carry Since in which Dian Dian melon, melon like the similar quality inspector checks. "To pick a fine sell, the buyer to you below to buy tonto, once is simply not good not to ever buy. inches

According to reports, Kirin melon enhanced the tactical rate connected with increase, not just a large, slender, the quality is the most suitable. "Our class of sweet bobo, after a wide range of old buyer bought, the subsequent will come. very well Henghu Zhu said, you will find a guest at last two days prior to buy back identified a good quality associated with watermelon, the next coming from the one to get 10 Numerous. "He when bought hundred kilos regarding watermelons, many of us sell - 5 yuan per kg, all of a sudden cash flow hundred bits. " Henghu Zhu stated cheerfully.

In case the drive in the town involving Chian get Shangyang Small town, along the way you will see the side of the fishing line there are a lot of stores selling watermelons, Henghu Zhu loved ones spread throughout the gas stop. But do not ignore the interpreting booth, just several days, the family unit has marketed his thirty four pounds connected with watermelon.

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